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  • Trip to Brittany: the amazing Saint-Malo

    Saint-Malo is a French fortified town of outstanding beauty, the most important port of northern Brittany and one of the many unforgettable spot of this windy coast famous for its tides. If Saint-Malo is still an ideal destination for those who love the romantic and tormented beaches made of sand and irregular stones, once upon a time this fortified citadel 

  • Hay-on-Wye: the Book Town you must visit once in a lifetime

    On the border between Wales and England there is a small town surrounded by cosy hills that is famous for becoming a role model against the rural flight that followed the Second World War. Here, as in many other parts of Europe, people left the countryside and moved to urban areas in search of a better job and a better 

  • Trip to the Seven Sisters and Beachy Head: cursed and wonderful

    The Seven Sisters Country Park is a wonderful area of Sussex, the ideal place to understand why the British are so in love with their beautiful countryside. The Seven Sisters are seven chalk cliffs overlooking the English Channel, lined up on the edge of southern England. So beautiful to be also chosen for the opening scene of "Robin Hood: Prince 

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