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  • Discover the canals, the tower and the rabbits of Utrecht

    One of the nicest things of Utrecht is the lively buzz of its canals. As soon as you arrive on the main road (Nieuwegracht), street signs and stairs invite you constantly to go down towards the water, on the docks, where you can relax or have lunch. Unlike other cities, where you can just look at the canals from the 

  • Trip to Bruges, gem of the Flanders

    Taking a trip to Bruges means to enter the enchanted world of Flanders, made of redstone houses and romantic canals, small breweries and candy shops. The streets resound with the trotting horses pulling carriages for tourists, the alleys smell of chocolate and sugar. During the day, the air of Bruges is full of songs: the 48 bells of the Belfry 

  • Off road 4×4 adventure on the Asinara Island in Sardinia

    Today a stunning natural reserve, yesterday a high security prison: taking a tour on the Asinara means a deep immersion both in nature and in Italian history. There are many ways to discover the island and we chose to explore it on a jeep, but you can do it by boat, by bike, on foot, with an electric car or 

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