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  • Off road 4×4 adventure on the Asinara Island in Sardinia

    Today a stunning natural reserve, yesterday a high security prison: taking a tour on the Asinara means a deep immersion both in nature and in Italian history. There are many ways to discover the island and we chose to explore it on a jeep, but you can do it by boat, by bike, on foot, with an electric car or 

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  • Holidays in Sardinia: the 7 Wonders of the Hotel Su Gologone

    Under the watchful eye of the mount Corrasi, the Luxury Hotel Su Gologone shines between the Barbagian mountain and the Orosei Gulf. Its white terraces, dominated by the peaks of Oliena, are worlds that light up with the colours of the Gennargentu Park. It was born as a restaurant in the 60's thanks to the love that Peppeddu and Pasqua 

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  • 10 things to do in Russia if you love nature

    Guest post by Victoria Moretti Globeteller for a day Due to the extent of its territory, Russia offers plenty of outdoor activities in direct contact with nature, from mountain to sea, from volcanoes to canyons, lakes, rivers and geysers. We have choosen for you our top 10 must-see activities for nature lovers who visit Russia: 1. TRANS-SIBERIAN RAILWAY The Trans-Siberian 

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