When she was a teenager, Elena was quite undecided on what she wanted to become as an adult: a veterinary surgeon or a reporter? She then woke up at 35, understanding that her 15-year career as corporate Executive Assistant meant to be pretty uncompliant with her dreams: this is when the transformation begun.
In 2008 she started to write the stories of hundreds of special people on magazines and blogs, or for brands. She published three books and drafted other untold stories that are still in the pipeline. She specialized in the Right Words (she saves the Wrong ones for home) and in the choice of the best content to give voice to a project, a product, a dream.
In 2012 she became a Travel Blogger and the travel industry simply blew her mind. After many years of study and experience, she is now a GWU-certified Sustainable Tourism Manager, specialized in nature-based and wildlife tourism. Her teen dreams are now blossoming through an unexpected evolution.
She suffers from love at first sight for most of the animals she meets and is famous for the loud walk.
She loves to nap.

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