Damiano is an around-the-clock creative. He works as a photographer and creative designer, but in private life he is constantly inventing nicknames, songs or grotesque characters out of the people he meets every day.
He would be a great cartoonist and a talented copywriter, but in the last 20 years has decided to focus on the exploration of the world and souls, with a camera around his neck and the gears in his huge backpack.
His passions are landscapes and faces, and can wait for hours to catch the perfect light, even in the storm or under a scorching equatorial sun.
Apart from travel, which is his reason for living, the projects he loves most are those to which he can contribute with all his skills (and this is why he loves working with SMEs).
He likes his job so much that, when he starts to work on a new website or on a photography post production, he can spend the whole day forgetting his vital functions and remembering to feed himself when he realizes that it’s dark (everything ok if it’s winter, a bit harder in summer).
He hates pigeons.
He loves clouds.

His Travel Photography Portfolio HERE.

His Design Portfolio HERE.