London Photoshoot Tours

Visit London with us and have your photoshoot!

Would you like to visit London with a professional photographer who guides you through the city, while he takes pictures of you next to some of the most famous monuments in the world? Would you like to come back from your trip to London with unforgettable portraits to show to friends? Do you want to entrust your memories to high-quality shots?
We are here for you.

You will not need to take any kind of equipment with you, nor to stop someone in the middle of Trafalgar Square to have a picture of you taken. If you are going to visit London, hire us as a guide and we will do an amazing photoshoot that will remind you of this experience forever.
Choose the type of tour you prefer and contact us.
If you are a couple or a group, a solo traveller or a family, the style of your photos will be as you wish: romantic, funny, street-style or posed.
Among those taken, you will choose your favourite 40: we will send them post-produced in digital format via Dropbox or WeTransfer within 7 days from your selection. Then you could share them with friends, make posters, use them on your online profiles or simply store them on your computer to look at them with joy every time you want.

The Big Ben, The Houses of Parliament, Trafalgar Square, Piccadilly Circus, Buckingham Palace, the London Eye, the Shard and other iconic places: if you want to be portrayed next to the most famous views of the city, this is the tour for you.


Private and public gardens, huge parks, the Thames and its many canals: London offers a lot of romantic and bucolic sets to choose among. Surrounded by the awesome plants of the Royal Kew Gardens or on the colourful boats of Little Venice, close to the Greenwich Park’s deer or along the Thames, we will guide you through the green soul of London.

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We will take you to discover the districts where every wall has become a work of art, every street a mosaic. If you like street-style and urban settings, and if you want to be photographed surrounded by colours and by the typical London’s architecture, we will take you to the East, between Shoreditch and Brick Lane.


Prices start from £ 120 per person.
Write to us at: [email protected]

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