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Travel Bloggers and Brands: let’s work together

  The TBDI in Rimini showed us that in Italy – but also abroad - there is still a long way to go to have a mature relationship between brands (DMO) and travel blogger: a process of awareness to be built together. Within the TTG Incontri, the liveliest tourism fair of Italy today, the Travel…
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TBEX, lessons about Travel Blogging

TBEX is a US conference dedicated to Travel Bloggers’ education and networking. The 2014 European edition held in Athens was our first experience and we can say with no doubt that the investment is worth the heap of information and connections with which we came home. The level of the speakers, the quality of the…
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Why we travel

Like many people, we have always worked in big companies, more or less structured, more or less prestigious. In the office at least 40 hours a week, life so marked by the clock-in / clock-out 9-18 that the body had learned to think like a badge, jamming at times during the weekend. The methodical and…
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