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Our tragicomic travel fails

Have you have ever experienced something unexpected during a holiday? Have you ever found yourself in the middle of a misadventure instead of an adventure? We definitely have, and we are going to share with you some tragicomic events we had to face while travelling. Traveling sometimes means being able to deal with unwelcome surprises,…
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5 cursed places of the Mediterranean and the stories behind them

The world is dotted with cursed places, places to avoid when travelling if you believe in ill-fated destinations or to visit if you are intrigued by mysterious or wrecked sites. THE POVEGLIA ISLAND, Italy Island of the Venetian lagoon, Poveglia fell into disgrace during the Chioggia War in 1378 and never recovered. It was used as…
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Best Snapchat accounts to follow if you love to travel

It's not easy to know the best accounts to follow on Snapchat. This social network, which is very popular among teenagers but whose use is increasing also among adults, does not have a keywords research tool. You can currently start to follow someone only in two ways: 1) Know exactly his nickname 2) Scan his…
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5 tips to travel low-cost in the UK

Travelling in the UK is quite expensive and not only for the strong currency. After 16 months spent living and travelling here, we can give you some tips to save money, finding amazing opportunities to travel through Britain without spending a fortune. Visit the website it is full of interesting offers for restaurants, hotels,…
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