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Living with wolves and bears next doors in Europe

Despite over the centuries the human beings put a lot of efforts into predators extermination, in Europe there are several mountain territories where wolves, bears and lynx still live. They are more than we believe, especially in East Europe, although the environmental, cultural and even tourism importance of these animals has not yet been fully…
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The 5 golden rules of the Wildlife Tourist

There are many people who are really mad about animals. The reasons for this attraction and the consequent willingness to bond with wildlife are quite simple. In the biophilia frame (human affinity for other species), the reasons range from aesthetic (beauty) to emotional (attachment), from sentimental (affection) to intellectual (curiosity). It’s not surprising, than, that…
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Miniguide to Italian craftsmanship, region by region

Despite the harsh difficulties and the test of time, the Italian craftsmanship is fully alive and Italy is still dotted with workshops and studios where ancient arts are handed down. Italy did not only give birth to an enormous number of notable writers, artists and architects, but also to master artisans who gave their important…
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Our tragicomic travel fails

Have you have ever experienced something unexpected during a holiday? Have you ever found yourself in the middle of a misadventure instead of an adventure? We definitely have, and we are going to share with you some tragicomic events we had to face while travelling. Traveling sometimes means being able to deal with unwelcome surprises,…
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