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A Welsh weekend: the Lady of the Lake

Wales is a land full of wonderful places and legends, the ones often linked to the others. On the north-western border of the Brecon-Beacon National Park there is, for example, Myddfai, a town that sits in a spectacular and magical corner of Carmarthenshire. Myddfai became famous thanks to three healers, three brothers who lived in…
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Wild London: the deer of Bushy Park

Bushy Park is one of the 10 Royal Parks of London, probably the most interesting for the wildlife photographers. Located in South-West London, it is next to the more famous Richmond Park and adjacent to the beautiful Hampton Court. Its moderate size and the variety of environments assure an excellent experience for everyone, especially if…
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Minsmere Reserve: the Suffolk paradise for birdwatchers

It is a beautiful day of early summer and we have been sitting in a hide for twenty minutes when the boy next to us whispers: "There it is, on the left, close to the water". We point our binoculars in the indicated direction and we spot a beak popping out from the vegetation. It…
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The exciting Glass Floor Walkaway of the Tower Bridge

The Tower Bridge, for many the most beautiful bridge in London, is one of the city’s most beloved icons. Although its construction started in 1886, the stone and granite used to cover it gave it a more ancient charm. Every day thousands of tourists walk along the Southbank to get a picture with this elegant…
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