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H.R. Giger Museum, Switzerland

  WARNING: ADULTS ONLY The scenography is surreal, exactly what you wouldn’t expect. You get to Gruyères through a soft mountain landscape, with no harshness or surprises. At the foot of the hill on which this medieval village is nestled, you leave the car in a parking area around there and go ahead on foot.…
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Le Montreux Palace Hotel: the destination

  We walk through the corridors of this majestic building with Gisèle Sommer, the Public Relations coordinator of the Montreux Palace Hotel who is revealing us some secrets of a building that has hosted more than a century of Western history. Stopping all of a sudden, she asks: "Do you know why these corridors are so…
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An exciting week-end in Montreux

The first thing is the road. From Milan, through the tunnel of the Great St. Bernard, as you arrive in Switzerland, on the right there is the artificial lake of Toules: if you are lucky enough to find you there during a sunny day, you should stop in external parking areas and enjoy the color…
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