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Volendam and Marken: peace, beauty and good food on the Dutch coast

Just a 30-minute drive from the centre of Amsterdam and you are in a delightful coast village, famous for its wooden houses, its romantic harbour, and its museum dedicated to the traditional Dutch costumes. With its 22.000 inhabitants, its strategic location and its characteristic architecture it became a favorite destination for many artists, so much…
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Discover the canals, the tower and the rabbits of Utrecht

One of the nicest things of Utrecht is the lively buzz of its canals. As soon as you arrive on the main road (Nieuwegracht), street signs and stairs invite you constantly to go down towards the water, on the docks, where you can relax or have lunch. Unlike other cities, where you can just look…
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Giethoorn, the Dutch village without roads

After a year living in London we can say that sometimes we dream to move to one of those remote regions where the closest neighbour’s house is at 30 km and only a couple of cars are seen in a day. For all those for whom the concept of "quality of life" includes that of…
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