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The Natural History Museum of London

The Natural History Museum in London leaves everyone wide-mouthed, because it is not only a place of science and discovery, but also a place of dream. The headquarters in which it is located, the building designed by Alfred Waterhouse, plays a fundamental role in the fascination: the Romanesque style of the facades, the majestic structure…
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London: tips for vintage lovers

London has a passionate love for vintage. This is evident in the markets, in the academies, in the museums, or reading the city events calendar: although it is the European capital of innovation, in London the retro is a serious business. Classic Car Boot Sale There are places that are traditionally associated with the vintage,…
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A tribute to London by night

London by night has a special charm. Its skyline is fast-changing but seems miraculously preserving a perfect balance between past and future. This is the place we choose to welcome the New Year, because it's a city that is experiencing a vertical growth for the first time and we like those who aspire to the…
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London markets: Camden Town

Fourth most popular tourist destination in London, the Camden Town market is a place full of charm, despite its uniqueness suffers from the pressures of the global economy. Retail chain have the absolute prohibition of open their stores here and the Camden Council is committed to protect its cultural independence. Despite these important safeguards, in…
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