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The Norfolk seal pups

We slowly walk on the sand, an icy wind cuts our faces like a knife. The November sky is surprisingly crystal clear here in Norfolk, and the sun is setting west behind the dunes. In the parking lot we have been told that the seals today are resting just a couple of miles away, and…
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The wild and unforgettable Skomer Island

Skomer Island is an absolute paradise for all those who love unspoiled nature, the birds of the Northern Europe and conservation areas far from the mass tourist flood. Located in front of the Pembrokhire Peninsula, in southern Wales, this 3-sqm island is open to tourists only from April to October. Exception made for the researchers…
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Romantic holidays: a night in a lighthouse

Spend a night in a lighthouse was one of our longstanding dreams, that we finally realized to celebrate our 5th anniversary. Although in the UK there is plenty of choice when it comes to lighthouses, we did not have a moment of hesitation: the trip we did last year to the Seven Sisters and Beachy…
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What to see in London: the Highgate Cemetery

We couldn’t wait to visit the Highgate Cemetery in London. We imagined it was an amazing place for all the writers, professors and artists who chose it as burial site (George Michael one of the last), but the experience even exceeded our expectations. If you are fond of The Game of Thrones’ gothic settings, this…
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