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Bahamas: the happy pig island

700 small islands in the Atlantic Ocean, located between Cuba and Florida, inhabited by cheerful and welcoming people, blessed with an enviable climate, the Bahamas represent a small paradise on earth. Many directors filmed their films here, among coral reefs and deserted beaches, as well as many celebrities bought isolated and lonely coves, distant from…
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Cancun underwater museum

Cancun’s Isla Mujeres Marine Park was (and is) one of the most visited stretches of water in the world, with over 750,000 visitors every year that threatened the delicate balance of Cancun’s extraordinary coral reefs. Then, in 2009, Musa (Museo de Arte Subacuático) project took shape and gave birth to one of the most amazing…
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The Salt Hotel in Bolivia

In Bolivia, at 3670 meters above sea level, there is a huge salt desert, as big as the whole Lombardy: it’s the Salar de Uyuni, a place which offers unique views and colors for its geological and climatic conditions. (more…)
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