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Fantastic beasts of Yellowstone and where to find them

I'm looking at the map of north-east Yellowstone, while Damiano scans the horizon with his binoculars. It’s late afternoon in the Lamar Valley, and we lurk in the Slough Creek area to see if we spot any animal. All of a sudden, Damiano grabs my arm and, without taking his eyes off the mountain, whispers:…
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The mating season in the Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado

We are sat under a Ponderosa Pine, our shoulders against its trunk, our eyes fixed on a male elk busy keeping his harem together a few feet away from us. It is late September in the Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado, we are at the peak of the ungulates mating season. Only the clicks of…
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The Burning Man Festival

In Black Rock City, the city that appears and disappears, you can buy and sell only two things: ice and coffee. Everything else is traded, because the use of money is strictly prohibited also in bars, restaurants and among people. In Black Rock City you must be self-sufficient, and bring everything you need to survive…
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