Globeteller for a day

GT for a day 4


You can’t find a content about your country/region and you would like us to publish something you wrote that could be useful for our travellers’ community?
Please read the following and become “Globeteller for a day”!

1) Be aware about the topics we are focused on

If you spent some time reading our blog, you know that we are in love with wildlife and nature, local culture and traditions, inspiring people and stories. If your article fits with this, we will be more than happy to evaluate it.

2) “Globeteller for a day” is a section for the travellers by the travellers

You don’t need to be a writer or a professional content producer to send your article over: you just need to have an interesting travel experience to share or useful travel information and advises about a region. If we find that your article is worth publishing, we are available to review it in case of need.

3) Article requirements

It should be three-thousand-character long but, depending on its complexity, longer articles will be taken into consideration.
It has to be written in Italian or English.
It has to be an original content, never published before.

4) Review

As you are not professional writers, If needed we are available to review the article on the grammar, length, structure point of view. The final version will be re-submitted to you for approval before publishing.
Furthermore, as our blog is bilingual, we will translate the article in Italian or English if you don’t write in one of these two languages.

5) Photos/Videos

Maybe you have some beautiful pictures (or videos) of your travel experience or of your region that you would like to share but you don’t feel like writing an article. If this is the case, we could publish them on our social media accounts with full credits and let them inspire our community of travellers.

Please write to: contribute(at)