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The Digital Nomads

  “The Web is more a social innovation that a technical one. I designed it because I wanted it to have a social impact, because it would help people to collaborate, and not as a tech toy. The ultimate goal of the Web is to improve our existence “(Tim Berners Lee – Inventor of the…
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Touring Istanbul

Music and odors hang in the balance, strong voices and compelling accents. Charming flavors, colors. Apples and cherries. It seems that all started from here, dreams and fairy tales included. We stayed for the umpteenth time in the city of minarets, seagulls and cats, a feline city without dogs but with thousands of masters, walking through…
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Touring in the North of France

A 10 days tour of the north of France is enough to go crazy with love, but it is far from giving satisfaction. Landed in the evening at Charles De Gaulle Airport in Paris, we rented a car and drove to Reims, then in the days after we went to Troyes, Blois, Amboise, Tours, Le…
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