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Bear-watching in Slovenia

It’s five hours that we are looking out of these small windows, trying to spot every little movement around us. We are motionless, stationed in this wooden photo-hide in the heart of the Lož forest, in Slovenia: careful not to move, not to speak or to make any kind of noise. For five hours we…
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The 10 best places to visit in Cornwall

To visit Cornwall means to immerse yourself in a world made mainly of sea, mines and legends. Our trip has been an evocative succession of fishing villages, castles, coves and industrial heritage sites. Above all, it was a journey through the elements: we walked for days on rugged coastline and promontories, in company of the…
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6-Day Teton and Yellowstone road trip itinerary

For us, Yellowstone has represented an incredible journey, one of those that remain carved in the soul and dramatically raise the personal threshold of wonder. Our six-day itinerary included the wonderful Grand Teton, and gave us enough time to enjoy these two parks and its unforgettable inhabitants. Yellowstone has two souls: a geological one, made…
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