As bloggers' coordinator during the #SanVincenzo14 Blog Tour, I was really impressed by Elena and DAmiano's professional performance.
Their attention to details immediately enlightened their dedication and passion in doing their job at the best.
They are curious and experienced professionals. In more than one occasion they generated interest in the group, always asking for more information about the true stories and the real life of locals.
On the web they are followed by a great number of foreigh users and the engagement of their posts on the social networks is often impressive.
Elena writes high quality contents and adds lots of useful information, Damiano's photo reportages are extraordinary and his great and careful study of light is evident. I strongly recomend them as partners for destination marketing projects that involve bloggers.

Nicola Carraresi, Research analyst, tourism specialist

"We are an association of 33 hotels based in Valle d’Aosta (Italy).
Damiano and Elena started working for us in 2013 and, after two years, our business relationship is still stimulating and fruitful. As our corporate blog’s managers, they are in charge of the editorial plan, post writing and social media management.
Elena and Damiano are great content creators and the results they obtain speak clearly about their passion and dedication.
They supported us also with digital communication workshops, web-design and photo shootings, to help us refine our branding strategy.

Slow Holiday, Manager

"I had the opportunity to work with Elena Torresani and Damiano Moretti in several occasion.
We firstly met while I was organizing a blogtour for an important Festival and I was looking for the best Italian travel bloggers to invite. Both Elena and Damiano were my first choice as soon as I checked the quality of their blog and of their reviews.
Moreover the fact that the articles were also in English added a plus to their participation.
The results of their job were great, overall in social media engagement.
We had also the chance to work together on another project of mine: Les-Ottomans Home design. A completely different project, not institutional but private, not public but commercial, for which I counted on Elena and Damiano for the web design, photo shoots and website content.
The results are visible to everyone, the high quality of their job has been highly appreciated not only by me but by most of my clients all around the world.
Working with Elena and Damiano always been easy and things have always proceeded smoothly. They are a team of professional, hard workers, ideas makers and, mostly, cooperative in making your thoughts real."

Bertrando Di Renzo, Consultant

"We hired several times Elena Torresani and Damiano Moretti for blogging and event media coverage, and they have always proved to be absolutely professional, helpful, experienced. They do their job with great care and accuracy.
Their online reportages are valuable, overall on social media, and they are one of the best Italian blogger couple: Elena has a great talent for narration, Damiano has an extraordinary ability to catch the soul of things he takes photos of.


Alessandra Agostini, AT Comunicazione