Our Story

We are two Italian web-workers living in London since 2015 and madly in love with travels.

GlobetellersOur adventure in the world of digital communication and content production begun, as individuals, in 2008. When we met, in 2012, we discovered our common passion for narration and understood the complementarity of our professional profiles.

We then decided to create an organic consultancy project to develop, through the new media, the hidden potential of SMEs. Thanks to the power of words and images, we supported them with strategies to create, define or strengthen their brand identity.
Our passion drove us and, naturally, we started using our branding and storytelling experience also in the travel industry and destination marketing.
We travelled, we met, we discovered, feeling the need to share our experiences with other people: we started a blog because happiness and beauty are fertile and contagious. In the beginning our was called Branditup Travel, but in 2016 he was new baptized as Globetellers, a name in tune with our identity, less business and more soul.

In travel we find the meaning of life. We work incessantly with the hope of inspiring and motivating people through the stories we discover day by day.
We believe that the great inspiration we get from nature and people has to be shared, and that culture and local traditions are the powerful symbols of the human magnificence.
In travel we find awareness, beauty, empowerment.