Wild London: the deer of Bushy Park

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Bushy Park is one of the 10 Royal Parks of London, probably the most interesting for the wildlife photographers. Located in South-West London, it is next to the more famous Richmond Park and adjacent to the beautiful Hampton Court.
Its moderate size and the variety of environments assure an excellent experience for everyone, especially if you avoid the most crowded times.

Deer of bushy park
We arrived by car at the gate opening (at 6:30 in summer), so as to have no problems with parking or too many people around (who may disturb the animals).
We chose to visit it in early June, and utterly enjoyed the poetic atmosphere created by the light fog that rose from the waters, surrounded only by the incessant buzz of nature. Around us, dozens of newborns, new families formed in the recent spring.
Despite the many birds that can be spotted close to the lakes and the canals, gray herons included, Bushy Park is famed for its red and fallow deer herds, roaming free.

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Walking through the park, preferably away from the crowded playground area, it is impossible not to come across an ungulate resting, feeding or bathing in one of the lakes.
They are extremely elegant animals, even when they wallow in the mud, and watching them while they simply walk or when they stand up on their hind legs to trim the tree’s lower leaves is an incredible sight. Looking through the ferns, you might spot their ears waving frantically to move away the insects that surround them constantly, and it will be a good way to understand where they are even when they are hidden in the vegetation.

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Do not to get too close (stay at no less than 50 meters), especially to stags. Respect their tranquillity and their territory, for your own safety and theirs, and try not to get on their way. Needless to say, it is strictly forbidden to feed or touch them.

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