Miniguide to Italian craftsmanship, region by region

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Despite the harsh difficulties and the test of time, the Italian craftsmanship is fully alive and Italy is still dotted with workshops and studios where ancient arts are handed down. Italy did not only give birth to an enormous number of notable writers, artists and architects, but also to master artisans who gave their important contribution to the Italian great reputation.
Craftsmanship is sapience of hands, eyes and spirit, a wisdom that speaks the dialects of the villages and is nourished by local scents. We have thus thought of a path that crosses Italy region by region, to get to know the country through people capable of transforming wool, wood, iron or stone into something unique.
It was not easy to select the names to be included in this Italian craftsmanship miniguide, because choosing one means leaving hundreds behind. We decided anyway to follow our personal taste and, as this is a travel blog, when possible we went for those businesses or institutions that are organized to welcome tourists.
In most cases these activities are handed down father to son, through love and know-how: two precious elements of the Italian identity.
These country culture keepers, stubborn beauty incubators, have sometimes opened the doors of their workshops to let people discover their secrets. In other cases they have contributed to the opening of schools and museums, or to the organization of festivals and fairs, giving people the opportunity to discover ancient, well preserved and unique worlds.
Download our guide here below and ... enjoy the trip!

Miniguide to Italian craftsmanship region by region


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