Lois Pryce, a solo female traveller riding around the world

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Women who travel solo still make the news, even in the third millennium.
At an event here in London we met Loice Pryce, and we got literally carried away by her enthusiasm and the power of her travel stories.
Lois Pryce at some point in her life felt like trapped, imprisoned 9 to 5 in her air-conditioned office in central London, where the most exciting thing that used to happen was the annual walls painting.
One day she decided it was enough. She quitted her job at the BBC Music, where she had the impression of living only predictable days surrounded by frustrated people, meaningless rituals, boring conversations. She wrote the resignation letter that finally put an end to the life she hated and began to organize the trip of her dreams, from Alaska to the Tierra del Fuego, the very southernmost point of South America.
20,000 miles across the American continent on her own, riding a Yamaha XT225, without any knowledge of Spanish, with no cell phone, and with no particular mechanic skill.
She didn’t change her mind despite the sleepless nights before the departure, the huge instruction manual of the motorbike to study, and the breathtaking encounter with her soul mate just few weeks before the flight to Alaska.
Her book "Lois on the Loose" is full of hilariously misadventures, but tells of an unbelievable experience that can really breakdown prejudices and broaden our mind.
After the America crossing, Lois Pryce rode alone a Yamaha TTR250 from London to Cape Town, travelling through the Algerian desert, along the Niger, through the forests of Congo and the mined fields of Angola.
Between 2013 and 2014 she was twice in Iran, covering more than 3000 miles in this country that she found extremely welcoming, the most welcoming she has ever been to.
Lois now spend her life traveling and writing. She is often invited as an inspirational speaker at conferences and events and is the organizer of the Adventure Travel Movie Festival in the UK, USA and Australia.
Lois Pryce is a great point of reference for all the women who want or like to travel solo, but she is also able to empower all the dreamers to transform their lives in what they really want.

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