The exciting Glass Floor Walkaway of the Tower Bridge

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The Tower Bridge, for many the most beautiful bridge in London, is one of the city’s most beloved icons. Although its construction started in 1886, the stone and granite used to cover it gave it a more ancient charm. Every day thousands of tourists walk along the Southbank to get a picture with this elegant giant on the background, but today it’s possible to get a closer look.
Within the belly of the Tower Bridge was set up a path that leads the most curious tourists not only to discover the secrets of this engineering masterpiece, but also to make a unique experience walking on a glass floor.
From the North Tower’s entrance, you go up to the top floor, where a video shows how everything begun back in 1886. Then you access to the two transparent walkaways that allow you to walk 45 metres above the bridge as if you were walking in the air.

Glass Walkaway Tower Bridge London.

London will surround you like a halo, with its incredible views and its fast clouds. Underneath your feet you will see ferries sailing along one of Europe’s most important rivers and, raising your eyes, you will discover a mirror that enhances the transparency and the feeling of being suspended in nothingness.

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We suggest you to visit it in the morning, as soon as the exhibition opens, the way you can enjoy the walk in all its splendour and make the photos you want without having too much people around..
Inside the ticket office you will also find the timetable of the scheduled Tower Bridge’s lift times, those moments of the day in which it gives full show of its grandeur.
The tour continues to the South Tower, where the hydraulic machinery that allowed the Tower Bridge to operate in the Victorian age are displayed: today technologically outdated, they are perfectly preserved and partly still functioning, in memory of the great job done in the past decades.
A technical heritage that has provided London a unique scenery.

Tower Bridge Exhibition
Ticket: £ 9 (adults), £ 4,20 (children 5-15 anni)


The complete exhibition path in the gallery here below

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