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It's not easy to know the best accounts to follow on Snapchat. This social network, which is very popular among teenagers but whose use is increasing also among adults, does not have a keywords research tool. You can currently start to follow someone only in two ways:
1) Know exactly his nickname
2) Scan his snapcode (a picture containing a unique QR code).
Online there are many good tutorials that can teach you how to use Snapchat (please see some links at the bottom of this article), so let’s talk immediately about the best aspect of this social network for those who love to travel: the content, that can take you around the world in no time in an immediate and spontaneous way.
Each user can publish live pictures or videos lasting up to 10 seconds each and this makes communication necessarily fast: effective if you are good at it, terrifying if you are not. Even 10 seconds, if misused, can seem endless!
The positive thing is that, with a single tap of the finger on the screen, you can move to the next snap, saving your time.
The platform is fun, there are filters, functions and designs that have the potential to turn every snap in joy and many users are now experiencing Snapchat’s narrative potential for the first time.
Every evening I spend one hour to look at all the snaps of the people I follow. I only do it when I am on wifi, otherwise the data usage is crazy, but in few minutes I travel all around the world: I dream and I learn.
Here there are some suggestions on the accounts to follow on Snapchat if you love to travel and have the world in your hands:

Travel blogger from Arizona who loves to party. After studying in Europe (Prague) he decided to spend his life travelling. His blog:

A lifestyle blogger who will take you around London for events and shops, in search of the trends of this tireless city.

Konsta Punkka is a young nature photographer from Finland. He became famous as “The squirrel whisperer”: check out his Instagram profile to know why! He travels mainly through the Scandinavian peninsula, taking pictures mainly at dawn and dusk: this is why his daily life on Snapchat seems so weird, because he sometimes night climb to reach his destination before the sun rises.

Dutch Travel blogger pretty good at using Snapchat to provide information and beautiful shots. Nomad since 2006.

Hannah & Adam, US travel bloggers. Three years ago they left their jobs (tax advisor and mechanical engineer) to travel the world.

American serial expat who always works abroad on temporary contracts to travel the world. Her blog:

Brilliant traveller and foodie, at the age of 26 Kate quit her job to travel Southeast Asia for six months. Six months that turned into 5 years across more than 60 countries.
Her blog:

We will leave this article in constant update, adding the interesting profiles to follow on Snapchat that we find from time to time.
Since Instagram Stories was introduced, we decided to differentiate our stories by language: we use Snapchat in Italian, and Instagram Stories in English. Despite we much prefer Snapchat, on Instagram we have a wider international community and we wanted to avoid boring duplicate content.

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  1. Today, it's become the most relevant social media platform that's available. Free from intuitive features that readily hand over information into a newsfeed or a home page, the platform isn't the easiest ones to learn. Which makes it cool like a secret club for only those "in the know" to understand. If you're still not sold on Snapchat and still a little puzzled as to who to follow or what it's about here's
  2. Greatest find on Snapchat so far, add @englishpearl. She posts pictures of crystal grids, vegetarian/vegan meals, and lives on a farm in the UK with her cute dog!

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