Bordeaux’s new world-class wine museum

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Just opened and already considered the Guggenheim of wine, the Wine Museum of Bordeaux is a must see destination. Costed € 62 million, its eight levels built in aluminum and glass overlook the Garonne.
In the wide cellars there are bottles from all the wine-producing countries of the world, more than 80 in total, including the least known as Moldova, Namibia and Tahiti.
The futuristic architecture is enlivened by videos about the life in the vineyards of every continent, sensory tours, experiential labs where you get in touch with the vicissitudes of the ancient merchants and corners where you can discover the influence of wine in literature and art.
20 thematic areas, a restaurant, a wine bar, a library with 1200 books, a shop where you can buy everything wine, temporary exhibitions and a calendar full of events and workshops (for adults but also for children).

Admission € 14
Admission + guided tour € 24
Annual subscription € 48

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