5 tips to travel low-cost in the UK

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Travelling in the UK is quite expensive and not only for the strong currency.
After 16 months spent living and travelling here, we can give you some tips to save money, finding amazing opportunities to travel through Britain without spending a fortune.

  1. Visit the website wowcher.co.uk: it is full of interesting offers for restaurants, hotels, experiences, shopping and It is a good alternative to Groupon to find good deals.
  2. If you want to travel by train, visit thetrainline.com: it helps you to find the best rates for the dates of your interest with a single click. Simple and very useful.
  3. If you prefer to travel by bus, you have several really cheap alternatives. Megabus and National Express are the most famous. Having travelled several times with National Express, we can recommend it for punctuality and service quality. Be aware that the bus is cheaper but the journey takes more time.
  4. The travelsupermarket.com website helps you to find the best prices from all points of view: trips, flights, hotels, car hire and much more.
  5. If you come to London, buy the Visitor Oyster Card: it grants cheaper travel fares thanks to daily capping and discounts in restaurants, shops, galleries and entertainment venues.

With the help of these tools you can find a way to travel through the UK without spending too much money and in the way you prefer. We know that London is the main point of attraction of the country, but we can assure you that there are many amazing destinations everywhere. Some suggestions?
Have a look at our article about the Cotswolds and the one about Cambridge, for a start. Have a good trip!


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