Bouldering: climbing with bare hands the Sardinian mountains

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Stone is a dominant element of the Sardinian culture and the forms of the local rocks shaped by time and weather compose landscapes that can be found nowhere else.
In the Coghinas Valley, which marks the border between the Anglona and Gallura regions, some guys work to build a new relationship with the rocks, trying to get in deep contact with them, with bare hands.
Bouldering is an extremely difficult type of climbing, made only with the support of strength and agility: nothing else. A climb of max 7/8 meters, bleeding hands, tense muscles, strong will. This primitive contact established between man and nature during the ascent is passionate but full of respect: a tough and obstinate encounter.
These guys climb in the shadow of the Doria Tower, in Santa Maria Coghinas, the only part of the medieval Doria castle survived from the last centuries’ destruction.

Bouldering is the way they chose to talk to their land, a place from which they want to redesign their relationship with it.
And the valley repays them with breathtaking scenery all around.

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