The World, the residential cruise ship

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It has the air of being a cruise ship like many others, but The World is much more.
It is the largest privately owned residential yacht on earth: instead of having thousands of cabins, it has only 165 private apartments. It does not host tourists but residents, people who decided to buy a floating luxury flat instead of a concrete immovable house in a city or in the countryside.
Born from the idea of a Norwegian businessman and launched in 2002, it is inhabited by people from 19 different countries. The average age of residents is 64 with 35% under 50. In most cases, they are entrepreneurs with a strong interest in philanthropy, travel and knowledge.
One morning, we found it anchored in front of our London home during one of the many stops it does every year, circumnavigating the globe. The residents decide with the Captain the route to follow and they choose all together with what view to wake up.
Aboard there is any kind of comfort (swimming pools, spas, restaurants, cinema, library, etc.), and meetings, workshops and tastings are regularly organised to discover the place they are stopping over. In each port, the possibility of tours and experiences of all kinds.
Three the types of apartment available, but the cheapest one, the Studio, has a price that  is probably around one million dollars, without considering the annual ownership costs.
A lifestyle that embodies the dream of many, but really reserved for the few.
Residential cruise ship The World

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