Preview of the new Tate Modern extension: a great moment for the contemporary art

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Tomorrow, 17th June 2016, the new Tate Modern extension opens to the public: an ambitious project that gives a significant additional space to the international art scene.
260 million pounds invested against the 215 forecasted, 6.5 years of work, 10 new exhibition floors, +60% of art space available, a 62.5 meter high brick and glass twisting pyramid that joins in the London sky the 90 meters high chimney of the old power station.
A project by Herzog & de Meuron, the same architects who designed the redevelopment of the dismissed power station where the Queen opened the Tate Modern on the 11 May 2000.
Last year was a record-breaking year for Tate as young people flock to its galleries, 7.9 million in all, with a record 5.7 million visits to Tate Modern. Tate had the highest number of visits by young people for any art museum in the world with over 3.5 million under the age of thirty-five.
With the new extension they wish to double these numbers soon.
Grand staircases, huge rooms, multipurpose spaces for dance and live performances, installations and music, videos and many more artists to enrich the cultural offer that wants to remain free and inclusive.
London is like life and art: it does not stop, it wants to evolve together with them.
We publish on our Travel Magazine some photos of the shapes of this new space, open to the members and to the media in the last few days.

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