Andy Ferrario and the top 10 bookshops in Europe

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We love Andy.
We like her style, we share her passions and admire her work.
Andrea Ferrario (@AndyKate) is an Instagrammer based in Milan who was able to create a rather atypical community of followers, in love with fashion and literature. On her profile, a retro mood and a markedly Brit style make her timeline unique and timeless.
Her choices are always well defined and of high quality, either about fashion and literature: a real Libra woman.
We saw her perfectly wearing Max Mara while proposing Virginia Woolf, wearing Burberry and proposing Fitzgerald: a difficult combination to find, which is what makes her so special.
She studies Business Communication at IULM, works part-time in the digital marketing and in her five years on Instagram has proposed more than 100 books to her followers.
This passion for literature has pushed her to travel the world and discover those wonderful places that are home to thousands of books, in which the light and the scents make you feel inside a temple. We asked her about her 10 favourite bookshops in Europe.

By Andy Ferrario

1. LX Factory, Lisbon

LX Factory is a redeveloped area located in the Alcantara district, in Lisbon. A real creative centre made of small shops, art studios, cafes and a bookshop. Not just any, I must say. Three floors packed with endless shelves, a nice bar and a corner used as library and books consultation space. In the central part of this area, the machinery of the former factory is still visible.
And now let’s learn Portuguese!

R. Rodrigues de Faria 103, 1300 Lisboa, Portugal

2. Knulp, Trieste

It must be said that in Trieste the bookshops are in good health, breathing the same air of Italo Svevo and James Joyce. I popped in several of them but the one I fell in love with is Knulp: a literary café where, on a regular basis, are organized film projections, photography exhibitions and concerts. A lot of books everywhere. Knulp is riding high since 2003.

Via della Madonna del Mare, 7a, 34124 Trieste, Italy

3. Armchair Books, Edinburgh

West Port is the beating heart of Edinburgh and the Armchair Books is one of its arteries. Upon entering, it is sure that you get lost, but I do not guarantee that once out you may find yourself. And if you have not found what you were looking for, it’s because you stumbled upon something better. Among other things, they have a Twitter account that is full of amazing English humour.

72-74 West Port, Edinburgh EH1 2LE, United Kingdom

Armchair Books, Edinburgh

Armchair Books, Edinburgh

4. Gogol & Company, Milan

Gogol is Giambellino’s secret garden. Garden because inside it you breathe fresh and fragrant air like in every green space, secret because - unless you live there – you simply don’t go to Giambellino. Gogol & Company is my favourite bookshop in Milan, and to me this means home. Inside there are, in random order: a café, vintage cushy armchairs, a dog named Paola, affable booksellers. Oh, books. Loads of books too.

Via Savona, 101, 20144 Milano, Italy

 Gogol & Company, Milan

Gogol & Company, Milan

5. Skoob Books, London

To make a list of London’s independent bookstores is a bit like when, as a child, you are asked if you prefer to stay with Mom or Dad: morally inappropriate. Then you find an answer that is hotstuff and somehow you have to get rid of it. Scoob Books is my favourite bookstore in St. Pancras and possibly of the entire city. It is where I started my collection of Penguin Classic, and the first place I go when I'm in town.

66 Marchmont St, London WC1N 1AE, United Kingdom

Skoob Books, London

Skoob Books, London

6. Music & Video Exchange, Notting Hill, London

The name of the store says music and videos. What the name does not say is that there is also an amazing selection of second-hand books at derisory prices. Here you can bring books you have already read, and go home with a vintage Paris Review issue. The Nearest tube station is Notting Hill Gate.

38 Notting Hill Gate, Kensington, London W11 3HL, United Kingdom

7. Till's Bookshop, Edinburgh

The Till’s Bookshop is located on the east side of the Meadows, the largest Edinburgh’s park, and according to the Edinburgh University Student Survival Guide, it is the second most beautiful second-hand bookshop in the world. It sells only second-hand books, lots of them. Encyclopedias, graphic novels, magazines, anthologies. Each section is perfectly distinguishable and well organized, so as to avoid any kind of stress. Hard to get out of here with empty hands.

1 Hope Park Cres, Edinburgh EH8 9NA, United Kingdom

8. Verso Libri, Milan

Probably the place in Milan where I spend more time lately. With an average of one event per day, this little bookshop in the centre of Porta Ticinese nightlife has been able to create in six months a faithful and reliable customer base. There are two floors: a cafe on the ground floor and a really comfortable sofa on the first one.

Corso di Porta Ticinese, 40, 20123 Milano

Verso Libri, Milan

Verso Libri, Milan

9. Golden Hare Books, Edinburgh

I have to admit that it hasn’t been easy to avoid listing all my top ten bookshops in Edinburgh. But I promised Elena that I would have chosen among different cities and, since I am a girl of my word, you know why it went like this. In Stockbridge, the indie area of the city, there is this gem with white walls and shelves. On every shelf there is only one copy per book, which incidentally do not exceed 300. And of every book that's on the shelves, I am sure, that is the finest edition ever published. Why should be wrong to judge a book also by its cover?

68 St Stephen Street, Edinburgh EH3 5AQ, United Kingdom

10. Bloom and Curll, Bristol

At the end of Colton Street there is Jason’s bookshop: it is tiny and rather pretty. There are both new and second-hand books of every type and subject. But what makes Bloom and Curll really special is Jason, who willingly gives the space to anyone who wants to organize a literary event, making it a social and cultural place for all the citizens with a strong passion for literature.

74 Colston Street, Bristol BS1 5BB, United Kingdom

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