Propeller Island City Lodge: the weirdest hotel in Berlin

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If you are looking for a special place to stay in Berlin, the Propeller Island City Lodge could be an interesting option for you.
Some people choose to stay in this hotel with the family to let the children experience a surreal atmosphere, somewhere between a world of fantasy and a horror films, others choose to travel here as a couple to experience new emotions.
Every room at the Propeller Island City Lodge has a theme and a special design that lends itself to the tastes and fantasies of young and old alike: there is a room with two large cages in the centre and the one with a coffin on which, however, it’s specified "No sex in the coffin, box may break, it is for one person only"; there is the room of mirrors and the granny’s one, that of the carpenter and that of the upside down world.
The online reviews are discordant, especially about the price that sometimes is considered too expensive compared to the actual quality of location and service, but definitely a possibility to keep in mind if you want to experience an alternative night.

Propoller odd hotel berlin


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