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A Travel Blogger is a professional that is overall able to narrate people and places through words, pictures and videos. This article is the first in a series in which we want to give some suggestions to those who want to get good photographic results both from a technical and narrative point of view during their travels.

The advent of digital technology made photography economically and technically accessible to everyone. Anyone can choose different technologies based on the result he wants to achieve and here below you will find an overview of the equipment available.

Smartphones / Tablets
Smartphones are a good starting point to put ourselves to the test: they are always with us, easy to use and can ensure good performance. They’re not qualitatively comparable to APS or DSLR cameras, but are ideal devices for the live coverage of events or experiences to be shared on social networks. Obviously, smartphones are the essential tool to be part of purely visual platforms like Instagram, especially because images do not need to be moved from one device to another.

Smartphone and tablet

Compact Cameras
They may have CCD and APS, mount fixed lenses, usually zoom. They are suitable for "point and shoot"photos because they require few manual settings.

Compact camera

Compact Camera Bridge
As their younger sisters, but with many more shooting options. With some models it’s possible to shoot in RAW. Many professional photographers use it as spare camera body.

Camera Bridge

Mirrorless cameras
They are a good compromise between compact and SLR. They have the advantage of not having the reflex mirror, then boast slim size and compact shapes. With all models you can shoot in raw format and on many models you can change lenses if needed.


They’re the SLR’s evolution, the best choice if you want to obtain the highest quality. They are available both in APS and Full-Frame, have interchangeable lenses and are equipped with many accessories.

Dslr camera

Action Cameras
They are small compact cameras designed to be used in extreme situations and remote controlled. With the latest models you can shoot in raw format.

Action Camera GoPro

There are hundreds of accessories, here a basic kit:
• a good tripod for long exposures and night photos
• UV filters to protect the front lens in case of adverse conditions (water - dust - sand - scratches)
• a good backpack to carry all the equipment
• a fast cleaning kit

The Travel Photographyencompasses different techniques and therefore requires different equipment depending on the situation, since you can be asked to narrate people (formal and informal portraits), places (landscapes, cities, interiors), events (reportage). For this reason there is no "standard photographic kit" for Travel Bloggers but we can anyway suggest three solutions:

Basic Kit
Smartphone / Tablet - Compact Camera / Compact Bridge - Mini tripod (likeGorillapod) –ever ready case

Intermediate Kit
Smartphone / Tablet - Mirrorless Camera - Interchangeable lens (wide angle / tele) - Travel Tripod - Bag / backpack with compartments

Professional Kit
Smartphone / Tablet - Action Camera (for extreme situations) - Reflex (better if FX) – Interchangeable lens (wide angle / standard/ tele) - UV Filters protection –Travel / studiotripod - Waterproof bag with compartments

Another element that should not be overlooked for image post-production and publication is a PC / Mac laptop with good tools for these tasks.
For us, images have the same importance of writings and we do our best to grant the same accuracy and quality: our photo kit is then as complete as possible, in order to be always ready to capture any event.
In the photography section of this website you will find the complete list of our gear.

Have a look to our timelapse video about our photo back-pack:



In it:
1 Main Body – Nikon d800e + Power grip MB-D12 + Nikon AF Zoom-Nikkor, 24-70 mm f/2,8 G ED
2 Second Body/Timelapse Body – Nikon d7000 + Power grip MB-D11
3 Samyang AE 14 mm f/2.8 ED IF UMC
4 Nikon AF-S Nikkor 28mm f/1, 8 G
5 Nikon SB-600 flash light
6 Lee Big Stopper ND Filter
7 Lee Big Stopper filter holders
8 Remote shutter for Nikon D800E
9 Sensor cleaning kit
10 LED lighter
11 Nikon AF Zoom-Nikkor 80-200mm f/2.8D ED
12 Benro Travel Angel A2692TB1 tripod
13 Rain cover
14 Asus Laptop
15 Remote shutter for GoPro
16 Emergency light
17 Backup SD cards
18 Manfrotto superclamp
19 Camera/Smartphone/Pc cable
20 GoPro accessories
21 Hama Card reader
22 Pump-Cleaning brush
23 Cleaning Fabric
24 GoPro Hero3 Black Edition
25 Lens cleaning paper
26 Cleaning fluid
27 Samsung External USB3 Hard drive
28 Remote shutter for Nikon D7000
29 GoPro backup battery
30 Various cables

Here are some links for further information on DSLR, Mirrorless and Sensors & Formats:

Digital single-lens reflex

Full Frame SLR


RAW image format


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