700 small islands in the Atlantic Ocean, located between Cuba and Florida, inhabited by cheerful and welcoming people, blessed with an enviable climate, the Bahamas represent a small paradise on earth. Many directors filmed their films here, among coral reefs and deserted beaches, as well as many celebrities bought isolated and lonely coves, distant from all worldliness.
The Aga Khan, Oprah Winfrey, Johnny Depp, Nicholas Cage and David Copperfield are just some of the stars who wanted a house in the small Exumas archipelago, uninhabited for the 90% of their territory and made of 365 cays surrounded by an emerald sea, that were chosen as locations for two 007 films.

Pig Island, photo by Jeff SmallWood

Pig Island, photo by Jeff SmallWood

In this Eden, and exactly on the Big Mayor Cay, twenty pigs decided to fix their abode and nobody knows how, why and when. The story is not confirmed but it seems that some sailors brought them here one day with the intention of coming back and eat them later in the evening, but the sailors never returned.

Pig Island, Bahamas
Now, these twenty happy pigs – that live on the island only with a few stray cats and some goats - enjoy life between the beach and the sea, swimming towards the tourists that visit the Pig Island bringing food to play with them.
Visiting these region for a reportage on the White Shark, the photographer Eric Cheng immortalize these unusual inhabitants of tropical islands that have rediscovered the joy of free wild life and show of liking it immensely.

If in the 70s and 80s the Bahamas had a bad reputation because of the Colombian drug trade, today these islands are considered a happy and heavenly place, where you can make tours on the trail of James Bond, to discover the villas of the celebrities or to meet the happy pigs.
Definitely better than the Medellin cartel.


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