Haven La Chance, the hotel in the Sahara

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The Sahara Desert is, in our opinion, a fundamental destination of a tour in Morocco.
Arrive there was for us a bit like entering a mythological place, that until then we had looked at with respect and awe only on books and photographs.

Dove dormire nel Sahara

It was our tour operator, Elena Hall of Blue Men of Morocco, to put this destination in our tour, and when we arrived at Haven La Chance (the hotel that Elena manages with Hmad, her partner), we had confirmation of how important is to put your feet in that sand and sink your eyes in that horizon.
Elena Hall tells us: "I went to Marrakech for the first time in 1990, and in 1991 I met the Berber desert and the kindness of the local population, that I discovered to be open, friendly, welcoming. I met my partner, who slowly taught me to get in deep contact with this magical place. As soon as it was possible we bought the land and gradually built what is now Haven La Chance. I love to organize tours for travelers because I want them to know this land in the best possible way, I love to talk with them about the various experiences that lead them here from all parts of the world."

The Sahara Desert Hotel Morocco
Getting in touch with the Sahara is a unique experience, and at Haven La Chance there are several ways to get in tune with the desert.
The Hotel is built almost entirely of mud and straw, the building materials used by the Berbers to keep the rooms cool during the long hot season. The rooms have private bathrooms and air conditioning, but they are not the only option to stay here: if you prefer an even more authentic experience, around the pool overlooking the dunes there are Berber tents where you can sleep and eat.
The food is excellent and meets all needs and tastes, the staff extremely friendly and willing to make you live an unforgettable experience in Merzouga .

The Sahara Desert Hotel
When we arrived, in mid-January 2014, it rained in the Sahara as was not happening since 2006. A rare event that allowed us to listen to the sound of rain falling on the dark and compact sand, friend of our steps .
During the night we shot the moon fighting with clouds, and the next morning we enjoyed an opposite chromatic show, when the clear sky and the sun made us learn about the effort of walking on dry sand and its thousand reflections of pink, yellow and orange.
From the hotel Haven La Chance it’s possible to start a dromedary ride into the desert to watch the sunrise or sunset, to spend the night in a bivouac and dine in front of a campfire, completely surrounded by the disorienting Sahara’s morphology and with a roof of stars unimaginable elsewhere.

The Sahara Desert Hotel Haven La Chance_Morocco
This is also a place where people come in summer from all over the world to make sand baths, good for those suffering from rheumatism or articulation pain and well bear the heat (since the temperatures here from June to August can be hovering around 50°C).
If you are interested in knowing what the silence is and revise your concept of infinite, this is a step you should not miss. Stand in the middle of the dune, seeing nothing but the dunes, makes you feel right in the heart of Mother Earth.

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