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Like everyone who’s thirsty for beauty, we don’t want to get used to it. We continuously look for corners and moments to capture, also in the place where we live and along the routes we do every day, in the Po Valley that gave us birth and has preserved very little of its environmental identity and its healthy rural heritage.

Details, Lodi @damianildo_von_fistagram

Details, Lodi @damianildo_von_fistagram

Instagram helps us in our daily incessant activity of glimpse collectors: it’s a tool that we use constantly to capture visions that deserve to be remembered and shared.
Ours is a continuous research which allows us to create live reports from the places we live and visit, an exercise in systematic discovery that we want to be accurate, careful, better every day.
Because good images can tell much more than anything else, especially if the immediacy of the gaze and the instinctual gesture of pointing the smartphone camera are accompanied by a desire to share with others all the wonder in which we are immersed. Wonder that, in some cases, is the unique ability to be able to look in a certain way: it is not necessarily important WHAT, but it is always important HOW.


BPL Center - Lodi @damianildo_von_fistagram

Instagram, if well used, is a therapeutic and powerful tool.
The gallery, the subjects, the lights and the filters selected tell a lot about the eye with which each person sees the world: this is why we do our best to have something to say about our daily journey that’s worth sharing.
In the same way, we like to be surrounded by passionate users that feed their profiles with the same philosophy, showing pieces of their world and life with images that bridge distances, create desires and satisfying curiosity through the aesthetic attention typical of beauty explorers.

Gallery: Damiano Moretti @damianildo

Gallery Elena Torresani @elenatorresani

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