New Zealand: the Glowworm Cave

In Waitomo district, in New Zealand, there is a very special place to visit.
A place that offers a unique experience to contemplate a striking starry sky being below the ground.


Going into the heart of the earth you will in fact have the impression of being at the center of the universe.
A sort of miracle made possible by those animals that produce fairy light with their bodies so as to illuminate the night: the fireflies.
Indeed, there is a cave in this area of New Zealand where it would be pitch dark if it were not for these insects that make the roof of the cave like a starry sky since about thirty million years ago.

Waitomo Glowworm Caves, New Zealand
Then reflected in the water below, the light seems to surround the visitors from all over, so that one has the impression of floating in the middle of cosmos.
When the colonizers heard about the existence of this place for the first time by the indigenous people, they thought it was a Maori myth, a legend.
But in 1948, the explorer Lawson Burrows discovered that the cave not only really existed, but was part of an underground system of caves which included the beautiful Ruakuri cave, Aranui and Gardner's Gut, all worth visiting and exploring.
Actually, recently it was found that the animals that make this spectacle of nature possible are not exactly fireflies, but kind of flying larvae that produce bright excrement and inhabit this place since time immemorial. In any case, the Glowworm Cave has preserved its name, and remains one of the most particular place to visit in New Zealand.

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