In Black Rock City, the city that appears and disappears, you can buy and sell only two things: ice and coffee. Everything else is traded, because the use of money is strictly prohibited also in bars, restaurants and among people.

In Black Rock City you must be self-sufficient, and bring everything you need to survive a week in the desert without water or electricity supply and place your camp according to the rules of the plan in concentric circles established by the organization.

The burning Man Festival

The burning Man - Jim Urquhart (Reuters-Contrasto) on "Internazionale"

At the center of this network of tents, huts and camper there is a space for art shows and performances: a happy creative anarchy which contrasts with the strict rules of coexistence of this temporary community that exists only a week in a year and then disappears, leaving no trace of its passage.
No cars, no phones, no internet are allowed: every year since 1991 the Nevada desert becomes the scene of a extraordinary economic and social experiment in the name of art, radical self-expression and human relationships, which now moves 60,000 people at a time .
An event whose photographs are always amazing, even if their circulation is limited and must be strictly authorized by the organizers, any camera or camcorder registered on arrival.

The burning Man Festival

The burning Man - Andy Barron (The Reno Gazette-Journal-Ap-Lapresse) on "Internazionale"

Last night, like every last night, the culmination of the event: the burning of the giant wooden sculpture that represents man (The Man) and that turns into ashes before the burners disappear with everything they had brought with them, waste included.

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  1. Marc
    I love this festival and We have attended one last year and it was a blast. My brother in law went to visit it this year.

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