In Bolivia, at 3670 meters above sea level, there is a huge salt desert, as big as the whole Lombardy: it’s the Salar de Uyuni, a place which offers unique views and colors for its geological and climatic conditions.

Every year, in the Salar de Uyuni are extracted only 25,000 tons of salt against the 10 million available, and with this abundance otherwise unused, it was decided to build a hotel made entirely of salt: from the beds to the walls, from chairs to tables and pools.
It is the Hotel Playa Blanca: nothing luxury or redundant, but a cozy place decorated with colored Bolivian wovens that – at a reasonable price – welcome in the midst of the largest salt desert in the world.
40,000 years ago, the entire area was covered by the lake Minchin: near the Chilean border and surrounded by the Andean mountains, this place is now also rich in minerals such as gypsum, rock salt and lithium.
A unique place where it would be nice to have a trip.

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