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  • The mating season in the Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado

    We are sat under a Ponderosa Pine, our shoulders against its trunk, our eyes fixed on a male elk busy keeping his harem together a few feet away from us. It is late September in the Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado, we are at the peak of the ungulates mating season. Only the clicks of our camera, the wind and 

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  • The wild and unforgettable Skomer Island

    Skomer Island is an absolute paradise for all those who love unspoiled nature, the birds of the Northern Europe and conservation areas far from the mass tourist flood. Located in front of the Pembrokhire Peninsula, in southern Wales, this 3-sqm island is open to tourists only from April to October. Exception made for the researchers and the volunteers working there, 

  • The good reasons to visit Lodi: the Festival of Photography, river cruises, great cheese and much more

    When the "Circuito Città d’Arte della Pianura Padana" contacted us to write about the place we come from, we felt utterly proud to be chosen as ambassador of Lodi despite living so faraway. This association promotes the small towns of the Po Valley and today we are in charge of leading you through the streets of Lodi, the land where 

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