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  • The 6 alpine castles of the Aosta Valley you should not miss

    Despite the peaceful appearance it has today, with its charming villages, quiet hamlets and silent forests, the Aosta Valley has not always been this way. Its strategic position on the Alps has made it a land of passage for pilgrims and merchants, but also a land of conflicting powers and decisive battles. For these reasons, the Aosta Valley landscape is 

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  • A weekend in Cologne: beer, perfume, chocolate and history

    Cologne is a city full of pleasant surprises, some easy to imagine, others totally unexpected. From a German city it is for example pretty obvious to expect at least a good beer, but what you find in Cologne is actually more a cult. The Kölsch beer is in fact brewed according to the same recipe for 500 years, it is 

  • Eden Project: a paradise in the heart of Cornwall

    Would you like to live for a few hours in the heart of the rainforest or in a Mediterranean vineyard, surrounded by hundreds of rare and beautiful plants? Or find out what sustainable energy is while having fun in an amazing place? If yes, the Eden Project is the park in Cornwall that you cannot miss. This place is literally 

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