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  • Eden Project: a paradise in the heart of Cornwall

    Would you like to live for a few hours in the heart of the rainforest or in a Mediterranean vineyard, surrounded by hundreds of rare and beautiful plants? Or find out what sustainable energy is while having fun in an amazing place? If yes, the Eden Project is the park in Cornwall that you cannot miss. This place is literally 

  • Fantastic beasts of Yellowstone and where to find them

    I'm looking at the map of north-east Yellowstone, while Damiano scans the horizon with his binoculars. It’s late afternoon in the Lamar Valley, and we lurk in the Slough Creek area to see if we spot any animal. All of a sudden, Damiano grabs my arm and, without taking his eyes off the mountain, whispers: "If it is not a 

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  • The Norfolk seal pups

    We slowly walk on the sand, an icy wind cuts our faces like a knife. The November sky is surprisingly crystal clear here in Norfolk, and the sun is setting west behind the dunes. In the parking lot we have been told that the seals today are resting just a couple of miles away, and we approach them walking along 

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