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  • Volendam and Marken: peace, beauty and good food on the Dutch coast

    Just a 30-minute drive from the centre of Amsterdam and you are in a delightful coast village, famous for its wooden houses, its romantic harbour, and its museum dedicated to the traditional Dutch costumes. With its 22.000 inhabitants, its strategic location and its characteristic architecture it became a favorite destination for many artists, so much so that even Picasso and 

  • Romantic holidays: a night in a lighthouse

    Spend a night in a lighthouse was one of our longstanding dreams, that we finally realized to celebrate our 5th anniversary. Although in the UK there is plenty of choice when it comes to lighthouses, we did not have a moment of hesitation: the trip we did last year to the Seven Sisters and Beachy Head had completely hooked us. 

  • Trip to Mont-Saint-Michel, marvel of Normandy

    Mont-Saint-Michel is a stunning place protected by the spell of the tides that, for more than a thousand years, made it unreachable for many hours a day. Built on a small rocky island at just 600 meters from the French coast, the monastery dedicated to the Archangel Michael was in fact historically reachable by land only during low tide hours. 

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