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Bordeaux’s new world-class wine museum

Just opened and already considered the Guggenheim of wine, the Wine Museum of Bordeaux is a must see destination. Costed € 62 million, its eight levels built in aluminum and glass overlook the Garonne. In the wide cellars there are bottles from all the wine-producing countries of the world, more than 80 in total, including…
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Bouldering: climbing with bare hands the Sardinian mountains

Stone is a dominant element of the Sardinian culture and the forms of the local rocks shaped by time and weather compose landscapes that can be found nowhere else. In the Coghinas Valley, which marks the border between the Anglona and Gallura regions, some guys work to build a new relationship with the rocks, trying…
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A magic wall: the Summer Pavilion 2016 at the Serpentine Galleries

Every summer, in the heart of Hyde Park in London, a stunning architectural installation rises and sets. These are temporary structures erected in the garden of the Serpentine Gallery for everyone who wants to get in touch with the visions of contemporary architecture. The Serpentine Gallery is a Grade II listed former tea pavilion opened…
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The World, the residential cruise ship

It has the air of being a cruise ship like many others, but The World is much more. It is the largest privately owned residential yacht on earth: instead of having thousands of cabins, it has only 165 private apartments. It does not host tourists but residents, people who decided to buy a floating luxury…
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