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A dream weekend in the Cotswolds in 8 stops

There is a district in the West of England between Oxford and Gloucester where the time is standing still. The golden clay houses, the green and lush countryside, the small craft shops and tearooms: if it were not for the cars, everything seems like it was two centuries ago. The Cotswolds hills are dotted with…
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Visit Gloucester: Harry Potter’s Cathedral and the New Docks

Gloucester was founded in 97 BC by the Romans and traces of the ancient walls are still visible in some parts of the city. Over the centuries the city has always had a significant commercial role in the South West of England, especially in regard to the trade of wool (coming from the Cotswolds), leather…
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18 addresses to discover the London crime scene

Like every big city, London is dotted with spots where a crime took place and we designed a walking tour to visit the city from a different point of view. This is just a selection we have done choosing some significant cases discovered in the book “The Crime Museum Uncovered: inside Scotland Yard’s special collection.”…
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